new energy liquid 『NeL95』

Caused by the fall of the battery

The original durability of a battery is said to be 10 or 17 years, but in reality, it changes on average around 4 years depending on how it is used. There is what is called an exchange between two and three years. The battery ends the discharge electricity and a hard crystal board of lead sulfate is generated on the surface of the pole plate (left photo). We call this phenomenon "sulfation" the white lead surface. The gap is clogged with this lead sulfate, the surface drops and becomes resistance in the absence of electricity, the solubility is low, and hard crystals cannot discharge sufficiently. PB (LEAD) + SO4 (SULFURIC ACIKD) = PBSO4 (LEAD AULFATE) The lead dioxide of the original pole plate slowly comes off like us.

Lead sulphate (PBS04) is slowly generated when an electrical discharge stick is generated on the pole plate. In the prior art, it was only effective when removing it with a small amount of lead sulfate crystals.

NeL95 reclaimed liquid removes heavy lead sulfate and acts as a protective film for pole plates. Do not generate lead sulfate sticks again. Therefore, it has become a reality to use it for a long time.

Characteristic of the New energy liquid

(1) Removal of lead sulfate and prevention of reattachment by coating.

(2) Restore lead-acid batteries that do not use more than 95% of new ones

         (Those that do not correspond to infertility in another paragraph item)

(3) Long-term use of the battery (usually 2-3 times)

(4) Global environmental protection equivalent to general food (Japan Food Research Laboratories)

(5) Reduction of waste.

(6) Significant cost reduction through long-term use.



Mentor by purchase.

・ For cars (40-50AH)

     Liquid injection amount (CF. Liquid injection amount standard list) 6CELL 30CC

     30CC x JPN Yen 65 = JPN Yen 1.950 ... Only one injection is required. For batteries

      The price is JPN ¥ 10.000

     Used for 8 years with a new car ... Replace with one or two purchases. It's a profit

     OF (JPN ¥ 10.000-JPN yen 1.950 = JPN yen 8.050) 1 exchange

・ For buses, trucks, and large industrial machinery (150-250AH)

     Liquid injection 6CELL 60cc ~ 90CC 60cc × JPN ¥ 65 = JPN ¥ 3.90090CC × JPN ¥ 65 = A LEAD STORAGE BATTERY JPN ¥ 20.000 ~ JPN ¥ 8 years 40.000 USE IT ... Purchase by REPLACE ME NT OF JPN ¥ 5.850 PRICE From TWICE it is a profit (JPN yen 40.000-JPN yen 5.850 = JPN yen 34.150)

The battery itself is expensive, such as many vehicles and heavy equipment (electric forklifts, construction machinery, electric carts, etc.). Replacing with purchase costs is a serious expense for the company. Prolonged use of the battery can save you a lot of money.

In the current situation, we are not ready to perform battery maintenance from the time of day. Even if you maintain the lead sulfate (crystal) generated in the lead storage battery, if the normal product is enabled, the effect is exceeded. State, it's just a temporary copy. The new energy liquid "NEL95" is not a temporary one, but was realized by using it for a long time. Please try this reclaimed liquid. Certainly we are given a satisfying result.