new energy liquid『NeL95』


Used battery test example

   (Open type 55AH-12V)             (Sealed type 75AH-12V)

Inspection method

(1) Accumulation of electric pressure measuring instruments (V)

(2) Specific gravity measuring instrument for batteries

(3) Inject the repair solution using a syringe


 When injecting regenerated liquid into a lead-acid battery. Instructions

(1) Before injection / measurement, it is necessary to stop the engine and perform the work.

(2) It is necessary to clean the top of the battery and do not put it in the battery.

(3) It is necessary to write the voltage and specific gravity on the designated paper.

(4) Inject the amount according to the capacity of the battery.

The following tools (photos) are required to acquire data before and after replication, such as the effect (inspection) in Figure 4.


            The purpose of charging is the state of specific gravity.

          Please refer to the list below to measure and charge if necessary.

Instructions at the time of the charge

・ 12V battery is a charger for 12V.

     The -24V battery is a battery charger that uses 24V.

      -48V battery is a battery charger that uses 48V.


 * Forced charging, normal charging, and equivalent charging are chargers.

        Be sure to use the equivalent.


By injecting NeL95 repair solution, the battery capacity will be restored to 95%.

Contents impossible of reproduction

・Batteries with abnormal appearance.

・The voltage is non-uniform, and the specific gravity of each cell.

・The electrolyte becomes turbid.

・The liquid was used dead.

・The electrode plate was damaged and was cut off and corroded.

・The temperature of each cell exceeds 45 ° C.