new energy liquid『NeL95』


This is an epoch-making product that enables long-term use of the battery for the first time and greatly reduces the reality of replacement by purchase. Internally, 90% lead sulfate crystallizes, which adheres to the pole plate and the battery does not carry current. This 95% lead sulphate has been removed and no reattachment can be pointed out (protective film) We mean W = resurrection-protective function and contribution to global environmental protection.


We have aimed at long-term use of lead-acid batteries as an important issue of the world environment, researched and developed it, and have put several methods into practical use in the past. However, it was unsatisfactory in terms of cost, technology, work characteristics, and environment. The industry's main product was the practical use of puts with the birth of new energy liquids for lead-acid batteries to meet demand.

The characteristic of goods

Lead sulfate, which is a weak point of lead-acid batteries, is peeled off by a colloidal phenomenon. In addition, it has the function of not generating lead sulfate on the electrode plate.

(A) Protect the deterioration again with a protective film.

 (1) When injected into a new battery, it can be used for 2 to 3 times longer.

 (2) Batteries that have been used for 3 to 5 years can be restored to new batteries of the same class.

 (3) Since the main raw material is organic polymer, it is a safe product that does not affect humans or


                        It is evaluated by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

                      It is evaluated by the Chemical Substance Evaluation Laboratory.

The field of use



NeL95 use cases
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